Is it possible to make legal money from marijuana?

Even though more and more countries, and in the US states, legalizes whether it is a medical or recreational marijuana, this topic in Poland is still controversial. However, this article is not intended to raise the debate on the legalization of marijuana in Poland, but only to draw attention to the enormous investment potential of companies dealing in the cultivation and distribution of cannabis and its derivatives.

Until now, there was only one ETF tracking companies related to the production of marijuana – Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF. Unfortunately, it can only be traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. However, the results are so good that the new ETFMG Alternative Agroscience ETF will be launched this month. Before I turn to the results of the first of these funds, a handful of facts. At present, in the 29 states and in the District of Columbia, a medical marijuana has been legalized, and in the eight states and D.C., you can buy recreational marijuana. In California alone, medical marijuana’s tax revenues are up to $ 50 million a year, in Colorado 163 million (recreational marijuana is legal here as well). Only in the United States alone it is predicted that the market value will exceed $ 21 billion in 2021.

Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF has grown from its debut in April to 44% and does not seem to slow down. Taking into account that more and more states are deliberating marijuana legalization, it is worth considering investing in this instrument or its „younger brother”, which is expected to debut this month.


Source: Morningstar




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