Gas ETFs are natural born winners of upcoming winter

Days are getting colder and colder there is only one month left for Christmas- the heating season can be considered open. With these events we can observe an increase in the price of natural gas, which is one of the most popular fuels used in heating ovens. Probably some of you already guess what I’m going to say – „gas” ETFs have surged on Monday.

United States Natural Gas Fund surged 5.2% and VelocityShares 3x Long Natural Gas ETN as much as 15.3%! The best for these funds is yet to come. Remember that the demand for natural gas in the winter months is almost double that of the rest of the year. Moreover, the synoptics predict that this year we will have an unusually long and harsh winter. It is therefore possible to assume that gas funds will continue to grow, and if predictions of the harsh winter are true, the results may be fantastic.


Finally, a table with the best ETFs tracking the natural gas market.



Source: Capital Lab





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